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RJJR: Reviews The Journal of Journal Reviews


Reviews: The Journal of Journal Reviews (RJJR) is now accepting submissions! We're also looking for potential peer reviewers and additional members of our editorial board. For full details, view our Call for Participation. If you're ready to jump in, please tell us you're interested or go to the Submissions page to get started.

Reviews: The Journal of Journal Reviews (RJJR) is an open access, open peer-reviewed journal providing a place for scholars to find peer reviewed Journal Reviews that assess journals for quality and applicability to their research aims. RJJR aims to improve the discourse about the quality of scholarly journals by encouraging nuanced, contextual evaluation of scholarly journals, and to give librarians and others an outlet to share work they've conducted evaluating scholarly journals. 

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Current Issue

Volume 1

Published July 28, 2023