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RJJR: Reviews The Journal of Journal Reviews

Code of Conduct

The RJJR Code of Conduct applies to editors, peer reviewers, and authors.

RJJR is dedicated to providing a welcoming and positive experience for everyone. RJJR authors, peer reviewers, editors, and board members come from all over the world and bring with them a wide variety of backgrounds. Whatever these may be, we treat colleagues with dignity and respect. 

We strive to express ourselves simply and clearly: unnecessary use of jargon will be a barrier to understanding for many of our colleagues. We are sensitive to the fact that the international nature of RJJR means that we span many different norms and we strive to conduct ourselves in ways that are unlikely to cause offense.

We discuss ideas from a standpoint of reasoned argument, mutual respect, and clear evidence. We will respect people’s names and gender pronouns. We will give credit where credit is due. We work together to promote a respectful and safe community.

In the event that someone’s conduct causes offense or distress, the first step in dealing with any misconduct is to contact the RJJR Ombudsperson at The Ombudsperson is a position outside of the Editorial Board, responsible for coordinating the response to reported Code of Conduct violations or reports of misconduct by Lead Editors or members of the Editorial Board. 

If the Ombudsperson receives a report of a Code of Conduct violation that does not involve any member of the Editorial Board, they will forward the report to the Editorial Board to investigate and determine an appropriate response.

If the Ombudsperson receives a report of misconduct or Code of Conduct violation which involves an Editorial Board member, the Ombudsperson is empowered to select and convene a subset of the Editorial Board (excluding any member(s) involved in the report) to investigate and determine an appropriate response. Where necessary, the Ombudsperson may enlist external adjudicators and empower them to to act alongside, or in place of, the Editorial Board.

Possible consequences for violating the Code of Conduct can range from a warning to permanent removal from RJJR activities.