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RJJR: Reviews The Journal of Journal Reviews

Publisher Relations

How We Work with Publishers

One of the most important goals for RJJR is providing a space for public conversation about journals, and we welcome contributions from individuals involved in publishing journals using the Response format. Responses are designed to allow individuals with ties to a journal to respond to the Journal Review with additional information, an alternative perspective, or other commentary. 

The Journal Review format is intended to share the perspectives of individuals who are not affiliated with or employed by the journal being reviewed. As stated in our Retraction Policy, undisclosed conflicts of interest - for example, a Journal Review written by an employee of the journal or publisher - are cause for retraction.  

Concerns or Appeals

The Response format is typically the appropriate avenue for disputing or correcting a Journal Review, except for allegations of misconduct. Anyone who has a complaint or would like to appeal a published Journal Review may submit a Response, or send an email to the editorial board at with details of the issue at concern. The editorial board will review and act on these in line with the Committee on Publication Ethic’s guidance for retractions and other allegations of misconduct.

Note Regarding Legal Communications

RJJR policy is to not respond to intimidating or threatening communications. Journal editors will forward any legal actions to Texas State University System legal counsel.