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RJJR: Reviews The Journal of Journal Reviews

General Policies

Copyright/Licensing Policy

First publication rights to original work accepted for publication is granted to Reviews: The Journal of Journal Reviews. Work will be published under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 4.0 license (CC-BY-NC). Authors may petition the Journal for another Creative Commons license by informing their editor.

Authors retain copyright in their work, with no further restrictions on their reuse. For example, an author may share their contribution in an institutional repository or reuse it in their future work, subject to the CC-BY-NC license. For pre-prints, we ask that the authors update any repository record with a link to the published version upon publication.

We anticipate most Journal Reviews will not include copyrighted material by third parties. For examples of/from a reviewed journal’s website, rather than screenshots we prefer links to archived copies of the website through the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. When reuse of copyrighted material by third parties is included, we do allow for reuse based on fair use / fair dealing. We ask that authors make the editors aware in every case where an author uses third party copyrighted material.

Accessibility Policy

Images submitted with Journal Reviews and Responses must include alt text. Alt text is a textual description of the meaning and context of the image that will be read by screen readers. Note that RJJR recommends linking to archived copies of websites rather than screenshots. See Copyright/licensing policy above. Best efforts will be made to ensure that publication meets accessibility guidelines for PDFs and/or HTML.

Correction, Retraction and Withdrawal Policy

Corrections, retractions and requests for withdrawals should be communicated to the Editors of the Journal. Certain correctionsthat do not change substantive content of the Journal Review, including name changes and small errors, will not include a statement or update. Substantive corrections that impact the content, such as addition or removal of meaningful sentences/ paragraphs and changes to data, will include a statement and updates using the versioning features in OJS.

Retraction/withdrawal will be considered for ethical violations, not for unpopular opinions (Undisclosed conflicts of interest would constitute grounds for retraction). Responses are the mechanism for correction of the public record, unless the fault is with the editors. Retractions/withdrawals will be clearly communicated at the locus of publication: on the article page for the work in question, with as much information as is necessary to explain the reason for the retraction. Editors will communicate retractions to the author(s) before implementing.

Appeals Policy

If an author disagrees with the publication decision for their article or has serious concerns about peer reviewer bias or misconduct, the author may submit an appeal to the Lead Editors by emailing

An appeals request should clearly describe the author’s concerns and provide any available evidence to support the request. Appeals should provide specific details of the alleged factual error(s), bias, or other misconduct.

On receiving an appeal request, the Lead Editors shall notify the Editorial Board and the Associate Editor who handled the submission. Lead Editors will consult the Editorial Board for input before making a decision. After reviewing the request, the Lead Editors may decide to uphold the original decision, reconsider the submission, or take other actions as appropriate.

Reporting Misconduct

Suspected misconduct in a Journal Review, Response, or other RJJR content may be reported to the Lead Editors, by emailing Misconduct reports should provide specific details of the alleged factual error(s), bias, or other misconduct. The editorial board will review and act on these in line with the Committee on Publication Ethic’s guidance for retractions and other allegations of misconduct.

In the event of alleged misconduct involving members of the RJJR editorial board, including violations of the RJJR Code of Conduct, please contact the RJJR Ombudsperson at For more information, please see the RJJR Code of Conduct page.